Install Python 3.6.x with PyQt5 in Windows

Aug 12, 2017 by M. Zemmy Indrapatih

As of this time of writings, today is weekend. So to spend my weekend, I wanna tried again to learn Python but with GUI.I have found some UI Framework, but i want GUI that crossplatform. So my selection goes to PyQt5.

Install Python

Installing Python 3.6:
PyQt5 need Python 3.5.x as minimum requirements, so my choice to install Python 3.6.x already fullfilled that requirement.
To install Python 3.6.x, you should download the installer first from Python Website. Download from here: After downloaded, proceed to run that setup file to install it to your PC.

Install PyQt5

Before we can install PyQt5, we need to install SIP first through Pip. Python 3.6.x already include Pip in it installer and usually the location of Pip is in C:\Python36\Scripts\Pip.exe.

Please execute the following command to install SIP and PyQt5.
Installing SIP:
pip install SIP
Installing SIP:
pip install PyQt5

At this point, we already done to install Python 3.6.x and PyQt5. We can continue to code GUI Python Application.